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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bodybuilding History

The Bodybuilder Known as Arnold

Pretty much everyone's heard of Schwarzeneggar, and not just as California's governor. It was Arnold Schwarzenegger who most contributed to the widespread popularity of bodybuilding. His film Pumping Iron came out in 1977 and was inspirational for many.

He wasn't very old when he initially began his career as a bodybuilder. Though he began as the so-called ninety-eight lb. weakling, he came to be Mr. Universe, eventually. The way he transformed himself is one of the greatest body sculpting stories of all time. He had incredible determination and this is what most notably played such a major role in his progress and eventual success.

He held various jobs, such as being a street worker when he was living in Santa Monica. Simultaneously, he was always spending all his free time building and shaping his physique and trying to make it the best that it could be. Then in '70, he received the most coveted of bodybuilding awards: Mr. Universe. It didn't take long for nearly everyone to know who he was.

He continued sculpting his physique till deciding to become a movie actor. He was very successful at this and, though he didn't win awards as an actor, he did become known for End of Days, True Lies, The Terminator and countless other well-loved titles.

His initial attitude toward body building was pretty unique. At thirteen years old he was a soccer player but wasn't satisfied by participating in group sports. At various times he had a go at being a boxer, throwing the javelin, and even track and field, but it wasn't till the person coaching him advised he try out weightlifting for stronger legs that Arnold realized what he actually wanted to do and would excel at.

Upon first walking into a fitness center, he was in awe at the Hercules-like body sculptors and wanted to be like them. He had yet to learn the names of all these muscles he'd never before even noticed existed. At just sixteen years of age he began this journey and would eventually become a champion, and be crowned as "Mr. Olympia" a record-breaking 7 times!

As he developed his body, he also became more confident. As he built muscle mass, he also gained respect from others. Although he did find that while some girls liked big muscles on a guy, others hated them. He seemed to like creating a big impression on people, whether it was for better or for worse.

Many would say he's the best of the best, and the standard to look to when deciding what your own aims will be.

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