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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger
Take Steroids?

Today Arnold admits to taking steroids for two months every year while he was winning all those Mr. Olympia titles. However we should put it in context of where the sport of bodybuilding is today compared to the type of steroids that Arnold took 50 years ago.

The best example is to compare him to another great bodybuilder who has won Mr. Olympia more times than Arnold and that is Ronnie Coleman. The sophistication of steroids since Arnold day 50 years ago can easily be seen when we compare the two bodybuilders.

Ronnie who stands 5'11" competed at 305 pounds but Arnold who is taller than Ronnie standing at 6'2" competed at only 235 pounds. The answer is obvious as the dramatic increase in steroid technology, creatine and many other sophisticated supplements helped to get Ronnie the Mr. Olympia body he has.

Arnold knew how to push himself to the limit and doing a 710 pound deadlift in his heyday is a good example of this, whether he was taking steroids or not. Jay Cutler who is obviously jam packed with the latest steroids can only deadlift 400 pounds so we can see a big difference between the two.

When Arnold was making the movie Pumping Iron in 1975 he admitted to taking a combination of D-Bol and Primoblan on a regular basis. But today that combination has been improved upon with years of research and a complex combination of highly sophisticated supplements.

Steroids have come a long way since Arnold was a Mr. Olympia winner. The muscle bound bodybuilders we see onstage at the Mr. Olympia these days have all used a wide variety of different steroids. We should also always keep in mind that no matter what new steroid we take we will never gain muscle sitting on the couch watching TV.

This does not mean that you cannot gain muscle without taking steroids. The fast increase in the Natural Mr. America where competitors are tested for steroids is a good example of how much muscle you can add to your body without taking any steroids at any time.

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