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Here are some things to consider when you are looking to buy the best protein powders.

1) Look for a protein powder that is a whey isolate. Whey isolate better than whey concentrates because they contain more protein and less lactose. They also have very little carbs.

2) Buy a whey protein isolate that comes from a manufacturer of the protein itself. Companies like Davisco Foods, Glanbia, and Tera's Whey.

3) Buy a protein powder that has a supplement facts panel instead of one that has a nutrition facts panel. When a protein powder has a supplement facts panel that means it has gone through many more quality checks and balances than a whey protein that is labeled as food. The protein powder will also be labeled as a dietary supplement on the front of the bottle.

4) Make sure that it does not have a proprietary blend on the back of the supplement facts panel. There is absolutely no reason for a protein powder to have a proprietary blend. There is not the special blend of protein powder that will help you build muscle than another blend. That is just a marketing scam. If a protein powder is made up of a blend of protein powders, then they should be listed individually inside the supplement facts panel, so you know how much of each protein you are getting. With a proprietary blend, you do not know. Why? Because the company is trying to rip you off by using little of the good quality proteins and a lot of the cheaper proteins. This is usually the case when a protein has whey isolate and whey concentrate. There is no reason for this. You use whey isolate or use whey concentrate...there is no benefit in combining the two proteins.

In conclusion, simply buy a high-quality protein powder that is third party tested. If you can see the lab analysis then you know exactly what you're getting.

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