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Welcome to the Bodybuilding Blog, this blog will focus on bodybuilding articles covering workout, motivation, diet, nutrition, and supplements for both male & female bodybuilders.

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Bodybuilding Articles

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding History he was crowned as "Mr. Olympia" a record-breaking 7 times!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Steroids did Arnold Schwarzeneggar take steroids?

Beginner Bodybuilding Supplements what are the correct bodybuilding supplements for beginners?

Best Protein Powders here are some things to consider when you are looking to buy protein powder.

Bodybuilding Body Types what body type are you? Are you a endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomorph?

Bodybuilding Clothing if you're seriously into bodybuilding an important factor is how to decide on what kind of clothing to choose.

Bodybuilding Competition Tips what do you need to know before embarking on such a path?

Bodybuilding Exercises for Beginners which exercises are done matters a lot and will determine whether or not the routine will really have an effect.

Bodybuilding Genetics Truth vs Myth genetics can and does play a role in bodybuilding without a doubt but how important is this genetic link?

Calf Exercises for Mass we will share five top exercises to help you build calf mass.

Female Bodybuilding Diet a good female bodybuilder diet is just as important as any exercise regime.

Female Bodybuilding for Beginners there are many ways in which building muscle can benefit women.

Forced Negatives training past the point of failure when you can no longer lift the weight.

German Volume Training a workout program to get massive muscular growth and to transform your physique.

How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle workouts and meals to help you lose fat while building muscle.

How to Build Muscle in 2 Weeks how long does muscle building really take?

How To Get Ripped people are mostly misinformed about the right way of getting ripped.

Importance of Diet for Bodybuilding when building your body, you want a diet to be a tool that helps you attain your goals.

Natural Bodybuilders vs Steroid Users you will have to decide for yourself which one you want to be.

NPC Bodybuilding N.P.C. stands for National Physique Committee, the national organization dedicated to amateur bodybuilding compititions.

Rheo Blair Protein Rheo Blair made a great contribution to the bodybuilding world and is said to be the first person to perfect the protein powder.

Sleep Quality and Building Muscle sleep deprivation also will increase your cortisol that your body producers which will make it more difficult to gain muscle.

Teenage Bodybuilding Tips a list of pointers that teens may want to adhere to.

The Truth About Professional Bodybuilding the three most important truths about bodybuilding.

Why is Cardio Important for Bodybuilding just 20 minutes a day of cardio will help you lose fat and gain muscle.

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