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What Body Type Are You

Are you a Endomorph, Ectomorph, or Mesomorph?

You probably are combination of two of the body types, with no one having 100% of one type. Determined by genetics, body types are a classification of a person's body shape by his/her physical characteristics. Because body types are genetic you can not change your body type, living with your particular type from birth to death. However, you can get the most out of your body type by following the right diet and exercise programs for each paticular type.

The Endomorph - Round Physique, Soft Body, Struggles with Weight, Gains Muscle Easily

The body of the endomorph is thick and soft, with a high degree of body fat. The arms and legs of the endomorph are relatively short in length and taper. Alot of the endomorphs weight is carried in the mid-section, with a high waist. The endomorphs hands and feet are comparatively small. The head of the endo morph is large, and the skin is soft and smooth. The hair of a person for this body type is fine.

To try to keep leaner endomorphs should try to cut fat, and eat lean proteins such as fish and turkey. Furthmore they should eat 5 to 8 smaller meals a day, a way to up metabolism.

Getting a 30 min. cardio workout at least 4 times a week is a must, while keeping up some light but intense weight training.

The Mesomorph - Athletic, Muscular, Gains Muscle Easily, Thick Skin, Hard Body

The mesomorph has broad shoulders, narrow waist, well defined muscle, and a fast metabolism due to the amount of lean muscle. Facial features are clearly defined and the jaw is heavy, with the face being long and broad. The mesomorph skin tans well and hair is heavy in texture.

The mesomorph being the luckiest of the three body types can maintain an athletic, muscular build easily. The mesomorph should follow a balanced diet with at least moderate exercise. Because the mesomorph is so genetically gifted sometimes they can become lazy when it comes to diet and exercise.

The Ectomorph - Lean, Thin, Flat Chest, Hard Gainer of Muscle, Lightly Muscled, Narrow Shoulders, Fragile

Ectomorphs are characterized with a thin, linear appearance, possessing a narrow waist, hips and shoulders. Having low body fat and little muscle the ectomorph must work hard to gain muscle. The ectomorphs body type has long fingers, toes, and neck. The jaw is receding, and the skin tends to burn easily. The ectomorph may suffer from extreme temperatures. Because of low body fat they may suffer in the cold, and with low muscle mass they may suffer in heat. The hair is fine and grows fast and is difficult to keep in place.

The ectomorph body type should eat many calories a day. Eating 5 big meals a day they should concentrate on carbohydrates and proteins.

Lifting weights intensely is the key for the ectomorph to gain mass.

It's important to remember that no one is just a single body type. We all have characteristics of two of the body types, with one of the types being dominant.

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