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Importance of Diet for Bodybuilding

When building your body, you want a diet to be a tool that helps you attain your goals. It's important to take dietary factors into consideration, because good nutrition can supply you with what's required for good health, energize you and improve your performance when working out.

Plenty of good quality proteins are a must. This is vital for growing muscles, getting rid of flab and for keeping your body's inner workings healthy. The amount of protein you need to consume is normally one gram per pound of body weight. For body building, this amount should be increased to one and a half grams daily. Dairy products, meats, seafood and eggs are all great sources of high quality proteins.

Another important factor in a balanced diet is carbs. Carbohydrates are a main source of fuel that your body utilizes for activity. Complex carbs are something you'll want to include in your meal plans. This means starchy foods like roots, tubers, legumes, pastas, baked goods, rice and other grains.

It's vital to eat plenty of good quality fat when building your body. Fat is an indispensible part of a balanced diet. It energizes the body, regulates its functions and help it to work efficiently.

There are some differences in opinion on how to correctly discriminate when it comes to good fats versus bad fats, but everyone can agree at least that Mother Nature is the only one who knows how to make a fat that actually is a fat. What you definitely want to avoid completely is trans fats or any fat that's been hydrogenated, such as margarine or most shortenings. Instead of processed foods, choose wholesome foods that are high in natural fats such as coconut macaroons, unfiltered olive oil, grass-fed raw airy products and egg yolks, plus organs and fatty cuts of meat, if you're not a vegetarian.

Some fibrous foods should be included in your meal plans too. The fiber in whole foods serves as a pre-biotic to some strains of bacteria which help form a well balanced flora in your gut, the symbiotic colony of beneficial micro-organisms which help us process what we eat and convert the nutrition it contains into a form which our bodies can readily assimilate and utilize. Nuts and seeds can be a good source of fiber.

And don't forget your veggies, or your fruits either, which can be very hydrating. Fresh produce contains lots of important nutrients that are needed by the body. Just don't over-do it on the sweet fruits.

Many bodybuilders have found it best to eat most of their carbs and proteins at breakfast and to have 5-6 light meals per day rather than 3 big meals. Get to know what works for you, and then just work it!

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