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The Truth About Professional Bodybuilding

Looking at today's bodybuilding magazines can be very inspiring but you can also pick up a lot of false information from them if you don't know the truth about bodybuilding.

Here are the three most important truths about bodybuilding:

The first truth is that the purpose of bodybuilding magazines is to sell products such as supplements, equipment, books, etc. Some of these products are good some of them are truly worthless - remember if is sounds too good to be true it probably is.

The second truth is that all professional bodybuilders today use: not only steroids, but also growth hormone, synthol, fat burning drugs, etc. They take so much they end up looking like cartoon characters, but they have taken it too far and now they have big bloated waists from the side effects of all those drugs.

The third truth is that bodybuilders are not ripped all the time, during the off season many of them look like fat pigs. They diet down for a contest once or twice a year and get a lot of photos taken, which you see month after month in the magazines leading you to believe they look like that all the time.

Bodybuilding workouts and diet are in fact very healthy and can do a lot for a person's appearance and confidence. But professional bodybuilders have taken this healthy activity and made it into something very unhealthy and even very unattractive to most people.

If you look at bodybuilding magazines from the 1940's and 1950's or search the internet for pictures of bodybuilders such as John Grimek, Steve Reeves, Clancy Ross, Armand Tanny, etc. you will see the type of body that is possible without the use of steroids. They not only looked great but they all lived a healthy, long life while many of the modern day bodybuilders have died in their 50s.

Who would you rather be like, some unhealthy bloated freak that is headed towards an early grave or a healthy, natural Greek God that lives a long and full life?

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