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Forced Negatives Bodybuilding

Please note that doing forced negatives in a high intensity fashion is for people who have been training with weights for at least one year and should not be attempted by anyone who is still considered a beginner. Forced negatives should only be done when you can no longer increase the weight that you lift and you no longer get sore from hard training.

Training with forced reps is training past the point of failure when you can no longer lift the weight. This means that you either need a training partner who knows what they are doing or you can do it training with dumbbells where you use your other hand to help lift the weight.

But you will need a training partner when training your lats or back doing pull-ups and chin-ups. You would add a dumbbell to your weight belt so that you can increase the normal weight that you lift by about 10%. You can do it with a chair instead of a training partner where you would use the chair to get to the top of the position and then slowly lower yourself down.

When doing forced negatives on your biceps for example using a dumbbell you would select a weight that is around 20% more than you would normally lift. You would then help your working bicep to lift the weight to the starting position by helping it up with your other hand.

You would then slowly lower the weight without help from the other hand so that you are performing the eccentric contraction alone. Science has now proved to us that we are 60% stronger on the eccentric contraction compared to any concentric contraction and we can use this to our advantage.

Using forced negatives when doing chest is easier when doing the movement on machines however we will talk about it done using a normal push-up. So you would do maybe 20 normal push-ups and then immediately put one hand behind your back and slowly come down using only one hand and then push yourself up using both hands.

Forced negatives can be done with any movement but it needs to be done with extra care when doing squats or any compound movement, as your strict form is vitally important if you want to avoid getting injured. Forced reps should never be done on a continuous basis for more than a week at a time.

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