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German Volume Training
Transforming Your Physique

If you're looking for a workout program to get massive muscular growth then use German Volume Training to transform your physique and give it your desired shape. German Volume Training, popularly known as GVT is a proven program. GVT has been used by bodybuilders, Olympic lifters, and power lifters across the world to get massive muscles, and break plateaus. The process is rigorous, but it is effective and has helped many to get their preferred body, that has once before only bee a dream.

Everyone who wants to get a muscular body can go for this training since it has a record of offering good results for all sizes.

What is GVT?

GVT made it's re-entry into the bodybuilding industry in 1996 by Charles Poliquin. Though its older version was in the market during the 1940s, it became more popular after the re-entry as results were more widely seen. GVT is a program that offers ten sets of a compound lift with ten repetitions. It's a simple procedure but demands maximum effort and a strong determination. If you follow this basic principle you can get a muscular body with the GVT program.

How to do GVT?

As mentioned above, it's not that complicated. Each workout is divided between your lower and upper part of your body. All you need to do for this workout is to do pull and push motions. By doing this, you will exert maximum pressure on your muscles that will strengthen non-competing muscles and multi-joint movements and the ultimate result is muscle building.

This same procedure can be followed for all parts of the body except the legs. If you follow the 10x10 principle for your legs then it will be a training overload. For example, when you do squats all your leg muscles get positioned in varying degrees and subjecting these muscles to 10x10 reps will be overkill. So, it's suggested to do sixty reps for each leg to get the same desired result. Any overloading on your legs can be harmful and put you at risk of injury.

How to Start GVT

If you want better and steady results then go slow. If you're a beginner you need to be careful because any over training can encourage injury which can discourage you from following the program through to completion. The basic rule is to start with sixty percent of your one-rep max; you can consider doing less if you find it hard in the beginning. You should also do it for approximately six weeks to achieve the best result. More importantly, if you are following a GVT program, you need to be very careful about your food. In other words, you have to eat like a horse to be able to cope with those rigorous reps; the more fuel the more you can train!

Your body requires enough calories and nutrients for building muscles and for the repairing process. To get better results, you should consider taking protein shakes before and even during the workouts. If you ignore this factor and do not take enough food while following a GVT program then the results or effects can be dangerous.

GVT Procedure

The first thing you need to do after deciding to start GVT is to select a workout program. There are a lot of programs available, all of which are dedicated to muscle building for the different parts of your body. Multiple options are available such as deadlifts, squats, rows and military press and all these programs are known for producing effective and faster results. You need to choose the one that you find suitable for your body.

Resting Time

You will not allowed to take a rest for more than sixty to ninety seconds between each exercise in GVT. If you are an experienced trainer or gym go-er you can take a rest for a shorter period, but a beginner requires more rest to not put overdue stress on muscles. Make sure that your rest period is timed and accurate irrespective of the fact that you are a beginner or not. If you don't track your resting period it will ultimately influence the result of the workouts and your progress will be less effective. Remember that this is a rigorous training program, and your body needs enough rests during the off period. More importantly, do not do the same muscle exercise more than once a week to enable correct recovery.

If you follow the above training procedure with discipline and dedication, the GVT program can help you obtain a very muscular body in a short period. You'll become the person in the gym that everyone takes a second look at!

About the Author

Healthy living and training as natural as possible is key for Kevin Hodges who believe long lasting fitness and strength as part of you rather than something extra from a bottle. Having been interested and involved in fitness from a very early age, he now passes on experience through training and coaching others.

Bodybuilding has progressively become a way of life and is used to ensure people stay in ultimate shape without putting undue stress on the body. Supplements are a big part of bodybuilding to unlock hidden potentials to achieve unreachable goals. To stay as natural as possible it's important to find the very best quality supplements with the best ingredients available. This is why supplements and natural steroid alternatives from Crazy Bulk are a perfect choice.

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