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How To Get Ripped In 2 Simple Steps

With summer on the way it's time to kick back and enjoy the beach or just hang out in the sun. This means one thing for any serious bodybuilder: It's time to take off your shirt and showcase your ripped physique that you have been working on all winter long. You want your friends to ask you how to get ripped and build muscle like you, but you can't very well answer them if you're walking around with a flabby, soft and smooth body. Hold on to your hat it's time to power into "ripped" mode.

Do you want to see what it's like to get ripped to shreds?

Chances are if you were to ask most weight lifters how to get ripped they would tell you that you need to increase the amount of reps and decrease the amount of weight you are lifting.

Wanna know how to get ripped without wasting limited time and energy on useless exercises? Do you want to know the truth about heavy weight versus lightweight ways of building muscle mass and getting cut and ripped?

People are mostly misinformed about the right way to get cut and ripped. Don't waste your time and slow your progress with this stupid way of thinking because there is no physical evidence for this type of weight training at all.

There is no way to spot reduce any areas of our body. To say you can't spot reduce fat in any one area would be an understatement. Performing squats with light weights will not magically burn fat from your legs and make them look harder and more ripped.

Each trip to the gym should be used to fully stimulate each muscle group that you are focusing on for the day to help you get ripped quickly. Forget about the magic weightlifting routines that will target specific muscles and force them to grow and become more ripped.

Do you want to know how to really get ripped? Part of the solution is to train as hard as you can and start using compound exercises to workout a larger part of your body.

The question is how do we really get ripped?

The only way to get that "Ripped" muscular look is by lowering your overall fat levels, which will help to define each and every muscle in your body. There are two ways you can do this effectively.

1) No Diet...No Ripped...

Start eating six small meals a day spread out and reduce your caloric intake to 15 times your total overall body weight. This increased metabolic state will keep you burning fat all day and all night even while you are resting . Reduce the amount of sugar and saturated fats and start eating carbohydrates with low glycemic levels. It is also important to consume high quality lean protein at least 6 times a day. 30 grams of protein is the most for any one meal because our body can't handle anymore than that amount, it will just get wasted. Your muscles need plenty of water to hydrate and lubricate your joints so make sure you drink plenty. It's all about the diet.

2) Get really ripped by doing your cardio differently.

The ancient ways to doing cardio for 30 to 40 minutes using a constant light intensity is over with. If you want to get the most from your cardio workouts than try doing higher intensity cardio workouts and decrease the risk of losing some of the hard earned muscle you built throughout the colder months. Stop doing the elliptical machine and start doing some wind sprints, have you ever seen a skinny sprinter? This will improve your resting metabolic rate and will burn even more fat while maintaining the integrity of the muscle you have developed over the months.

A good cardio workout would include 3 to 5 super high intensity workouts each week until you get the level of definition you are looking for.

It couldn't get any easier than that! Do you want to know how to really get ripped? Don't worry about using high reps and lightweight and start worrying about your diet and the intensity level of your cardio training. Don't kid yourself thinking that by doing the same things again and again you will get different results.

To get ripped just try the following:

1) Start using heavy weight and low reps to continue building muscle mass.

2) Change your diet and alter your cardio workouts to eliminate body fat and create visibly harder and more ripped muscles.

Case closed!

See you at the beach!!!

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