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How to Lose Fat and
Gain Muscle at The Same Time

We will discuss a range of workouts and meals to help you lose fat while building muscle.

Workouts To Lose Fat Gain Muscle

HIIT is a means of cardiovascular training where you undergo short bursts of high intensity. Your heart rate stays high during the entire workout. The main advantage is that you burn fat for the next 8 hours and your body releases more human growth hormone, which gives you more muscle development. HIIT has everything we love! And in just 20 minutes HIIT has more advantages over an hour of conventional cardio.

Train with weights three times a week. Deadlifts and squats are the two effective exercises because it uses the larger muscle groups of the body. This allows the body to make human growth hormone to help you lose fat and gain muscle. These exercises also help you develop more quickly.

To gain muscle mass quickly, you must also do specific training for all the muscle groups. Chest, back, shoulders, biceps, abdomen, etc. In addition to the basic exercises, it is also advisable to use at least one isolation exercise, which exclusively focuses on the target muscles.

Meals To Lose Fat Gain Muscle

As for the meals, the most important thing to consider is your insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that stores excess calories as fat, this hormone is released when you eat things with sugar and processed carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cakes, fruit, etc.). Using self-discipline to limit these types of foods will help you lose fat fast.

If you are drinking things with sugar in them (such as juices and milk) switch to only pure water, which will help your fat loss. If you cut way back on eating rice and things with sugar and flour, you will lose fat faster.

Now you may think: What am I supposed to eat to lose fat and gain muscle? Lean meats such as chicken, turkey fish, egg whites and lots of vegetables (green leafy vegetables are the best).

Once a week have cheat day, just be sure to not eat any junk food too late in the day.

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