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How to Build Muscle in 2 Weeks

If I was in desperate need of money, I could have told you that I have the ultimate super muscle building program that can help you grow in only 2 weeks.

But because you are lucky, I have enough money, and I don't have any reason to tell you anything other than the truth.

Building muscle never takes 2 weeks or even 2 months, it takes time.

If you don't like this fact, then bookmark this page, browse the web, search for other tips, apply them all and when you fail to build muscle quick come back here.

How muscles are built?

Your body has lots of important functions to carry out each day and muscle building is not one of them. Your body gives a high importance to the vital functions that keep you alive and thus it won't dedicate any of its resources to grow your muscles unless you give it a real strong reason.

When you lift a heavy weight that your muscles isn't used to some of your muscle fibers will become torn down. When Your body finds that happening it starts repairing those fibers but with bigger diameters this time in order to prevent this from happening again.

So the strong reason you need to provide your body with is the gradual increase of the load you subject to your muscles, or else they will never grow.

So how long does muscle building take?

Under perfect conditions you can gain no more than 2-4 pounds of lean muscle mass per month.

This means that to see significant improvement to your body you will require around 6 month especially if you were a skinny guy.

However if you didn't train well or follow a program that suits your body you might spend years without seeing any results. Luckily this site has all the information you need to go through the transformation from being skinny to muscular.

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