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Bodybuilding and the N.P.C.

N.P.C . stands for National Physique Committee, the national organization that dedicates itself to pursuing bodybuilders' activities that result in amazing physiques. They've earned a lot of respect among the bodybuilders community, and many year-round bodybuilders' contests are sponsored by them.

Some N.P.C. contests for bodybuilders are:

... U.S.A. Men's Championship
... Women's National Body Building Championship
... the Women's National Fitness Championship
... Junior U.S.A. Body Building Championship
... the I.F.B.B. Northern Championship
... the I.F.B.B. World Championships

And this isn't a complete list of national championship contests approved by N.P.C., not by a long shot. If you see that the N.P.C. is a sponsor of some event, then you know it's highly respected. N.P.C. bodybuilding contests are known for being those which could give a person legitimacy as a serious bodybuilder.

These competitions get held in various parts of the U.S. and Canada too. For quite some time they've been thought of as THE competitions to participate in and to win at. As for the N.P.C. Nationals, that's the #1 amateur bodybuilders' contest, and it's how lots of serious body building athletes have gotten their start, on the way to professional success in this field. The N.P.C. has promoters who work round the clock, to ensure each of their bodybuilders' contests is as awesome as it can possibly be.

It's an amateur organization. Being one of the N.P.C.'s members and entering their contests could lead to being a member of the planet's most impressive bodybuilding group, the International Federation of Body Builders (I.F.B.B.), which is the pro-level group, for those that make their living by building their bodies.

National Physique Committee bodybuilding doesn't only involve contests. They also dedicate themselves to teaching beginners including teenagers and women. Also they give members good alternatives to the use of steroids, as well as data about ways to build the physique to perfection.

All are welcome to be members of this group. If you're thinking of getting into bodybuilding and even taking it to a professional level someday, N.P.C. membership is definitely something to consider. It's as easy as submitting the membership fee, which is due yearly, along with your application. Here's what you could expect to get with that:

... 6 issues of the N.P.C. News magazine which features bodybuilding's new stars, as well as competition results and competition info about N.P.C. events in the future.

... If you are a registered contestant, liability insurance that covers you when going to or from or when attending an N.P.C. event.

... Being eligible for participation at N.P.C. events as well as qualifying for the I.F.B.B. events.

Whether you're going to go professional or not, N.P.C. bodybuilding can be a valuable component of your plan for building your body.

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