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Rheo Blair Bodybuilding Protein Powder

Rheo Blair made a great contribution to the bodybuilding world and is said to be the first person to perfect the protein powder.

Rheo made a name for himself selling the Rheo Blair protein powder, which was essentially a milk and egg protein with very high values. Rheo had a major influence on the bodybuilding world with his completely original ideas on protein and fat.

Later influencing Vince Gironda who popularized the idea of high protein and fat diets with zero carbs. Today we call it the ketotic diet because it enables your body to reach ketosis where it gets calories from fat. Also made famous many years later with the Dr. Atkins diet where you eat fried eggs and bacon and still lose fat.

Rheo was the original free thinker who thought out of the box and although his views on calcium supplementation were a bit extreme he certainly understood the workings of muscle gain very well. A famous quote from Rheo Blair says "You are made of protein, so a protein diet builds you better!"

Amongst his many other radical ideas was that mother's milk was the best food available so he attempted to create the next best thing which he called food concentrates. He created what he called protein pudding which was an anabolic meal consisting of full cream milk, eggs, cream mixed with his own Blair's protein powder.

The reason he added so much fat to his protein pudding was his attempt to duplicate Mothers milk in which he argued that "Nature seems to indicate that protein and fat should be taken in even balance."

His then original ideas on eating regular protein snacks throughout the day and before bed along with drinking lots of water have all proven to be correct 50 years later. He was an original thinker who helped to put the sport of bodybuilding on the map.

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