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Sleep Quality and Building Muscle

Because we are unable to monitor the quality of your sleep we are going to talk about the quantity of your sleep time and the fact that we are all more and more sleep deprived as more and more demands are put on our time. In today's fast moving world time is money and we need to plan our sleep time more than we ever have in the past.

However if you are training with weights in order to gain more muscle then your sleep time that you get is even more important than the average person who is sleep deprived. There is a saying amongst physiologists that says if an alarm clock wakes you up then you are sleep deprived.

The problem is that we need to use an alarm clock in order to meet our obligations during our day so how do we plan our sleep so that we don't need an alarm clock to get the day going? First we need to know that any current sleep deprivation that we might have will be having a major effect on our health generally.

Science has studied the effects of sleep deprivation and have reported that you get fatter if sleep deprived in any form. You will be burning muscle instead of fat when you are sleeping and your skills as an athlete will decrease by an average of 9% when you do not get enough sleep.

Studies done on sleep show that leptin levels will decrease and ghrelin levels will increase when you are not getting enough sleep. These will cause your metabolism to slow down and will also make you hungrier. This will make you eat more and together with not burning any fat will increase your fat levels dramatically.

This problem gets worse when you are trying to lose weight and eating less than your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). You land up burning muscle when you sleep and not fat which just makes things a whole lot worse as you now theoretically wake up with less muscle than you went to sleep with and more fat.

Any sleep deprivation also will increase your cortisol that your body producers which will make it more difficult to gain muscle and will increase the probability of overtraining. Sleeping correctly and waking up without an alarm clock is all about correct time management.

Your body will wake you up when all its housekeeping is complete and you wake up on your own without an alarm buzzing in your ear. It comes from respecting your body and never adding any caffeine or chocolate or Red Bull which will obviously affect the quality as well as the quantity of the sleep you get.

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